Here at Hawks Fly South, we have a strong conviction to be stewards and to give to our community and to humanity as a whole.

The  Organizations & Charities We Support

"I connected with Pastor, Joe Dekreon through a social media ad. In 2016, he was needing a graphic designer to design a logo for his church. He had a $0 budget but I have always had a heart for church plants and willingly took on this tedious job. It took weeks and weeks of collaboration and finally I erected this logo to satisfy the look and brand of Joe's calling, Joe's ministry. Lynchburg City Church is a vibrant and growing young church that is bringing more and more young people to Christ. Pastor Joe has even been a significant minister for me. He mentored me through a very dark time in my life and

I owe him so much for his support.

Pastor Joe is a lifelong friend, a brother

in Christ, a beacon to God's generosity." - Christian Hawkins

"When I first moved to Brenham, I noticed this iconically beautiful building and saw that it was a 'First' baptist church and instantly felt disappointment. I grew up with prejudice that 'First' baptist churches were so well established they'd never care for a little guy like me, yet God taught me a huge lesson by leading me to become a member of this church. I cannot express how wrong I was. First Baptist Chappell Hill is thriving in a community with life shining all around it. As Texas continues to grow, Chappell Hill continues to grow, and of course, First Baptist Chappell Hill continues to grow. This church made a huge leap of faith from its old downtown home to a brand new facility on one of Texas's most used highways. The church congregation is enthusiastically looking for more and more ways to impact its community and show people the love of God. They have helped my family through some very tough situations and I cannot express how much I appreciate them. Thanks to all the people I know there, I was able to start a new life here in Texas. They served every need I couldn't provide for myself in tough times. For that, and for my love of Jesus Christ you will likely see me there as often as I can be worshiping God in the congregation or in the media booth serving the Media Committee. I am also a member of some other committees simply because I want to help nurture and grow this beautiful ministry I call family." - Christian Hawkins

We look forward to showcasing more of how our company gives back as we are serving more and more each year. Please come back to this page as we will continue to share what God is doing.