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Meet our Head Designer
Christian Hawkins, started working with computers at the age of 3 regardless of his impoverished upbringing. He was lucky to have a computer in 1998, as his mother was given an old Dell PC from her employer. Christian started off playing video games, yet later strived for more productive things like learning how to word process, edit videos, and even do graphic design before starting high school.
Starting out in High School, Christian struggled with some terrible health issues. After what he experienced, he decided to pivot his high school education to what his passions were and not just what all the popular guys were doing. The most popular thing at his school was marching band of all things, Christian went a different path in high school to meet a very important teacher named Mr. Jerry Monroe. Mr. Monroe encouraged Christian to compete in a local Graphic Design competition at the regional state fair. He won second place.

His junior year Christian competed in the same competition again and made first place, moving on to the statewide competition, where he won second place. The first place winner decided not to go to nationals, so Christian went in her place and made 4th in the national SkillsUSA Conference of 2013. His senior year of high school, he competed once again making first in regionals, first in the state, but did not place in nationals. This was a lesson for him to not ever let success make you complacent. As he graduated high school, he started going to Roane State Community College and took on a full-time job with Apple Inc. as an IT Representative.


After years of hard work at Apple, Christian left his job at Apple, moved to Texas.. He is also already eyeing the possibility of enhancing his career with Hawks Fly South to continue building this nation's beautiful economy. Christian is active in his community as a proud member of the Texas Libertarian Party. He plans to live the rest of his life and continually grow his business as well as the rest of the community in the great state of Texas. His hope is for the future is for everyone to have a fruitful and successful life.

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