What is Hawks Fly South?

Hawks Fly South was founded by Christian Hawkins in Central Texas. We are a Christian company built to help people and their organizations start a new chapter in each of their lives by offering graphic design services, tech support, and many other consulting services.


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Inspiration Behind Hawks Fly South

Hawks Fly South is inspired by the Christian message of renewal and being transformed into something new and special. This obviously is the core of Jesus Christ's heart! The inspiration in the branding is recorded in Job 38-39. In this passage, God is telling Job of His omnipotence in creation. In Job 39:26, God is talking about how the hawks fly south by His wisdom. Hawks Fly South when it is time to shed their old feathers for new ones to grow. So at Hawks Fly South, we are here to help you shed your feathers for new ones. Hawks Fly South is here to prepare you for a brand new chapter in your life whether it be a new job or bettering the organization you are already a part of.


A Brief Company Worldview

God, created the universe in 6 days. With the slightest variation, the universe could not be what it is today. According to British Professor, Roger Penrose, the number of the probability is larger than that of any number that could be written. God also created man in His image. Though, they fell from God by eating from the Tree of Knowledge of "Good" and "Evil" causing Man to lose connection with God, Man would now spend eternity without God.

Immensely, God loved man so much that He sent His Son, Jesus to die for man's sins. The God whose hands created the universe, all the living creatures, handpicked and placed the stars, and even created you personally, was then brutally nailed to a wooden cross to die in humanity's most savage style of execution. Living a life without sin, Jesus died on the cross and was buried in a tomb. After 3 days, in the tomb Jesus, came back from the death and left His message with the disciples who shared it to the entire world.

His message is that anyone who knows Jesus will be connected to God again and seen as pure in God's eyes. With that, Man can spend eternity in heaven. Today all Christians are the disciples and it is their responsibility to share the message of Jesus so that no one can leave this world without knowing Jesus. Christians continue Jesus's teachings with the sanctity of the Bible which is protected by scholars, historical verification, and critical analysis.